Cross-platform 2D & 3D Seismic Visualization and Surface Creation


SEISMASTER® is an interactive, computer platform-independent 2D & 3D seismic visualization software system which offers a cost-effective, flexible and portable solution to geoscientists' seismic data visualization and surface creation requirements.  It is easy to install and use (no training required) and it can run on any system that supports Java and OpenGL, i.e. virtually anywhere. It consists of a number of modules and add-ons.

SeisMaster Modules

ProjMgr       -  Project Manager - Creates and manages projects

Seis2D (2D)  - Displays 2D seismic lines in 2D 

Seis2D (3D)  - Displays cross-sections of a seismic volume 

Seisvol (2D) - Displays 2D seismic lines in 3D

Seisvol (3D) - Displays seismic volumes in 3D

Detect2D     - Creates 2D horizon profiles

Detect3D     - Creates surfaces in 3D seismic volumes

TraceEdit    - SEG-Y Editor

AttriGen     Seismic Attribute Generation

Add-ons      - Add-on applications


SeisMaster Utilities

2D SEG-Y Utility      - Converts a 2D SEG-Y line to a horizon surface and vice-versa. It also merges traces from different SEG-Y files

                                 into a new SEG-Y file.

SEG-Y Checker/Copier - Scans a SEG-Y file and reports its extents, its min/max amplitude values and whether there are any missing

                                 traces. It can output a sub-volume of the  input file with optionally different inline and x-line increments and filling the

                                 missing traces with either dead traces or a copy/average of the neighbouring traces.

Horizon Manager -    Scans a horizon attribute and reports its extents and its min/max values. It allows the user to display the horizon

                                  attribute and output a subset (either a subset of in-lines and cross-lines or a range of values) of it  to a file.


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SEISMASTER®  is versatile and can run on inexpensive Personal Computers or Laptops as well as on high end workstations as long as the systems meet the following requirements:

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