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SEISMASTER® SM_9.1.0  (February 2013)


The following additions, modifications and improvements were made:

  • Improved the GUI.

  • Added online documentation (Tutorials and Reference Manual)

  • Added capability to display LAS well logs.

  • Added 2D SEG-Y utility for converting 2D SEG-Y to horizon ascii format and vice-versa and for merging selected trace ranges of two 2D SEG-Y files to one 2D SEG-Y file.

  • Improved loading of projects created with earlier versions.

  • Detect geo-bodies and display them in 3D and 2D

  • Added SEG-Y check utility which checks for missing traces, inserts traces and optionally sub-samples and exports the whole or part of the input volume.

  • Added Horizon Manager Utility for displaying horizon attributes and for exporting sub-sets of them

  • Added attribute classification and clustering module AttriGenPlus.

  • Added Seismic Inversion module SeisInvers.


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