AttriGenPlus - Seismic Attribute Generation

AttrigenPlus is an extended version of AttriGen. In addition to Attrigen's functionality i.e. generating attribute volumes, extracting multiple horizons from these volumes and creating hydrocarbon indicator attributes, it can:

  • Provide statistical non-linear correlation between seismic attributes

  • Perform Principal Component analysis for statistical data reduction

  • Applies multi-variate statistical analysis techniques for clustering and classification


      The following  seismic attribute volumes can be generated:

  • Instantaneous Frequency

  • Smoothed Instantaneous Frequency

  • Hilbert Transform

  • Trace Envelope

  • Signed Trace Envelope

  • Instantaneous Phase

  • Cosine of Instantaneous Phase

  • Hydrocarbon Indicator

  • Average Absolute Amplitude

  • RMS Amplitude

  • Geometric Mean Amplitude

  • Harmonic Mean Amplitude

  • Arc Length

  • Frequency Difference Trough to Peak

  • Frequency Difference Peak to Trough

  • Time Difference Trough to Peak

  • Time Difference Peak to Trough

  • Amplitude Difference Trough to Peak

  • Amplitude Difference Peak to Trough

  • Continuity

  • Similarity

  • Dip

  • Azimuth

 The attribute volumes can be added to a SeisMaster  project to be visualized together with the original seismic reflectivity volume.

 Below are samples of some of the attributes.



  The original Data

  The Hilbert transform (90 deg. phase shift)

  The trace envelope (sometimes called     instantaneous amplitude)

    The Signed trace envelope (using the sign of the original data)

The Instantaneous phase

 The Cosine of instantaneous phase

The Instantaneous frequency 

   Smoothed instantaneous frequency  

   Coherency  attribute

   Hydrocarbon Indicator

   Principal Component 1

   Principal Component 2

     Principal Component 3

   Attribute Cluster


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